Community kitchen Vork, childcare and offices of the Kortrijk social care company


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The shared use of a number of rooms and the interesting interweaving of programme components within one project will promote and positively influence user interaction. Simultaneously, the autonomous operation of the services or functions is not hindered in any way. The character, architecture and organization inside the building facilitates this and offers an opportunity to meet and for multipurpose use.
The combination of circulation flows and views results in a characteristic building where people work, relax and meet.

The existing iconic building in the Doorniksestraat – formerly the Gheysens carpet store – is retained, the other buildings on the corner lots are demolished. The transparent facade remains and is even extended and thus gives an insight into the new ground-level community kitchen.
Freshness, comfort and dynamism in the city centre of Kortrijk are the keywords to the concept of the community kitchen. The inviting mix and playful use of (recovered) materials and colours makes the community kitchen more accessible. A restaurant where people from all horizons come together for a healthy meal, also being an educational hub for the underprivileged and needy.

The new social care company that has to be founded gathers all care activities of today’s public social services centres (OCMW) in an autonomous and independent organization. The operational functions and the administration are bundled and placed in mainly open plan offices, situated on the two floors above the community kitchen. Meeting rooms are shared among all services.

Child care for 45 babies and toddlers is located on the upper floors. They will benefit from a fresh, colourful and recognizable decoration.
All functions have clearly separated access. In combination with a good choice of material, the front building will be a landmark in the rather grey area.



Completed in April 2018

Floor area
2.890 m²

Cooperation form
Classical architecture assignment

B2Ai in collaboration with Ensemble and Istema
Contractor: Artes Depret nv

Energy level

Picture & photography
Klaas Verdru

Hotel & restaurant
Children, youth and education