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Ecological office building with green accents

B2Ai realised a new office building for the Kopal nv company as an extension of the current offices that are housed in the rather anonymous and closed corporate facilities. The new building is situated in front of the existing facilities and, together with the high-grade landscaping, forms the new face of Kopal nv. A compact and efficient office organisation is matched with a pleasant working environment and a sustainable approach to energy.

On the exterior of the building, the floors are accentuated by horizontal strips in white, architectural concrete. This creates an interesting dialogue with the industrial structures behind it.

“On all floors, the space between the the white concrete strips are glazed as much as possible, offering the users of the building an optimal lighting climate.”

On the sides, the strips become outdoor terraces, further strengthening the connection to the surrounding area. The first floor strip marks the entrance.

The ground floor houses office spaces as well as a double-height reception space, linked to the visitor’s spaces. Additional entrances are foreseen at the back of the building, toward the existing production halls and the depot. The first floor will be used completely for offices.

The second floor houses offices and meeting rooms, as well as the employee cafeteria with a spacious rooftop terrace.

This office building is all kinds of green. The interior finishings have been kept sleek and straightforward, incorporating colours and shapes that refer to Kopal’s product: the gates in a typical shade of green.

This colour is a pattern running through Kopal: from the wall decorations and tiling to the accents in the carpets and the office furniture.

Several years ago, solar panels were installed on the Kopal industrial halls and these now produce a significant part of Kopal’s total energy needs. The new office building was also designed and constructed according to a sustainable energy approach. This low-energy building uses a range of feasible measures, including a properly insulated building envelope, concrete core activation, and heating using a soil storage heat pump.



Completed in 2017

Floor area
1.502 m²

Cooperation form
Classical conception project

Energy level
E49 – K32

Picture and photography
Klaas Verdru

Client: Kopal nv
Architect: B2Ai
Interior architect: B2Ai
Contractor: Coussée-Bostoen nv