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Parking Budabrug & Residentie Budalys – the expansion of Zorggroep H. Hart – is a project with a particularly strategic and qualitative location, in a unique location in front of the Leie.

The new (semi-)public parking BUDABRUG runs under the entire building, in four storeys, with a total of 230 parking spaces. The new parking complex will partly be used in the mobility plan of the City of Kortrijk. As a result, the car park will also accommodate external customers in addition to the staff and visitors of Zorggroep H. Hart.

The car park was built ‘top-down’, which means that the works started simultaneously underground and above ground and took shape simultaneously in two directions.

The specific contours of the triangular plot explain the choice for spiral circulation. In order to make the car park as user-friendly as possible, a tailor-made colour concept was chosen, whereby each floor is bathed in a different colour. To enable efficient deliveries for the residential part, the headroom on floor -1 was kept to the size of large vans, which strengthens the relationship with the above-ground construction programme. Architecturally, the entrance to the car park was given a separate volume with a specific design language, designed by architectural firm 51N4E.

The BudaLys concept brings together all the service qualities and innovative residential care functions of the Zorggroep H. Hart.
A sober but qualitative materialisation of the new building volume creates an attractive and elegant image. First of all, a three-storey base in white, full bands provides a solid design language and a clear closure of the building block. Higher up, subtle floors (private terraces) in the transparent façade sections play into the orientation, reflection and optimal views. In total, this new building consists of 7 floors.

“The transparent architecture pays attention to light, spaciousness, clarity and freshness.”

On the ground floor, the Grand Café with a view of the Leie, gets a contemporary, trendy and creative interpretation for young and old.
– The Breakfast corner offers daily crunchy coffee cakes, muffins and freshly filled sandwiches;
– The Bistro corner offers a choice of pasta, pizza, various daily dishes, steaks;
– In the Fresh-corner there is the vegetable bar, smoothies and veggy;
– In the Coffee and tea corner you can enjoy a pancake and an exquisite assortment of coffees and teas;
– The Take away corner will offer an assortment every day;
– In the Kids corner the little ones can play to their heart’s content;

In addition to the Grand Café, a number of ‘wellness functions’ are provided on the ground floor, including a fitness room. There is also a central information and booking desk for the various services of Zorggroep H. Hart.


On floors 1 and 2 of the pedestal the care levels are provided. Here the living is combined with senior care. Luxury studios and twin studios are offered, as well as Assist studios.

On floor 3 there will be a meeting point, a space with a multipurpose platform for workshops, meetings, receptions, family parties. But what makes this place really unique is the 200 m² terrace on the corner of the Ijzerkaai and the Budastraat. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the Leie until far beyond the Texture Museum.

“The terrace turns into a roof garden where residents can enjoy the sun and greenery in peace and quiet.”

Not only from the terrace will this place be worth the effort: the terrace with the trees and the roof garden will also determine the image for everyone who enters the center through the new Buda Bridge.

The 5th, 6th and 7th floors are intended for the ‘Panorama’ apartments, which can be reached by private lifts. They have a surface of 110 m² and are equipped with all modern accommodation and home automation. These clients can subscribe à la carte to the services of Zorggroep H. Hart.



Residential care centre completed in 2018
Parking Budabrug completed in 2016

Floor area
11.722 m² (above ground) + 5.518 m² (underground)

Cooperation form
Classical conception project

Client: H. Hart
Architect: B2Ai
Interior: B2Ai in collaboration with Ensemble

Picture and photography
Klaas Verdru

Welfare and health