Privacy Policy

BURO II & ARCHI+I bvba (“BURO II”) is committed to protecting your rights when processing your personal data. In this document, we explain how BURO II will collect, process and use your data; the present document therefore constitutes our general data processing policy.

BURO II is the so-called data controller.

In case of questions regarding this statement and/or our policy, please contact If your query pertains to more than general information, we may ask you to provide proper proof of identity to make sure personal data are only accessed by authorised individuals.

When and for which purposes will BURO II collect and process personal data?
BURO II will collect and process your personal data if you are a client asking us to perform a service, when you register for our newsletter, or when you contact us by any means. These activities fall under the general category of “customer service” and they pertain mostly to the execution of projects you have hired us for.

If you are a supplier, we will process your data or the data of your company liaison in the context of the delivery of products or provision of services, under the general header “supplier administration”.

We will furthermore process your (client or supplier) data to generate invoices and other accounting documents. Such activities fall under the header of “bookkeeping”.

Finally, we may process your personal data in the interest of our activities, for instance to request your advice or services. We group such activities under the headers “communications” or “public relations”.

What data will BURO II collect and process?
We will collect and process data that you provide us with and data we need to execute the project you have hired us to do. This includes information such as your name, address, email, and professional information such as the company name and VAT number, information about your household, your national registration number (for environmental permit applications), and other relevant information. In most cases, you will provide said data to us, but in some cases we may obtain such information from third parties you work with.
The data collected may also pertain to your interests in and/or plans for future projects.

We process financial data in the context of bookkeeping.
We process information regarding your role and activities in the context of communications or public relations.

How does BURO II collect your personal data?
We collect your personal data when you fill out (paper or electronic) forms or when you contact us personally, by telephone or by email.
We will generally obtain said data from you directly, but in some cases we may obtain information from third parties. This for instance includes information on the employees of suppliers, which we receive from those suppliers directly.

We may also obtain your data from third parties in the case of direct marketing. We will in such cases inform you of the source of the personal data.

We will furthermore also process your data to meet all obligations regarding maintaining a website and its contents, and to allow you to enjoy the interactive applications and services available on this website.

What is the basis for our processing of your personal data?
Our primary legitimate basis for collecting and processing your personal data is the performance of an agreement concluded between you and us for the purposes of executing an assignment. This is also the legitimate basis for processing supplier data and for the “bookkeeping” purpose.

Wherever the processing is not necessary for the performance of a contract, such as in the case of direct marketing and communications/public relations, the basis for the processing are our vital interests as a company, in particular our commercial freedom and the freedom of information. We will always make sure that our interests are balanced with yours, for instance by providing you with the right to object.

Are personal data shared with third parties?
Your personal data are mainly processed internally in the context of customer service, supplier management, bookkeeping and communications/public relations, by the department or employee responsible for these respective activities.

For certain services or assignments, personal data may be shared with third parties that assist us, but we always retain control over the processing.

In the absence of your express objection, we may also share your data with other companies (temporary associations, stability engineers, etc.) that BURO II collaborates with.

We may also be legally held to share your personal data, for instance if there are statutory obligations to do so or if properly authorised government bodies request the data from us. We always check whether all conditions for data requests have been fulfilled before we share personal data with any party.

We do not share your personal data with parties in third countries or with international organisations.

Your rights
You can always access your personal data and, if applicable, have us correct or delete this data. If you want to access, correct or delete personal data, please contact and provide proof of identity – this is necessary to make sure personal data are only accessed by authorised individuals.

If you disagree with the way BURO II processes your data, you are entitled to submit a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority (, address: Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels.

BURO II reserves the right to amend or modify this statement and/or this policy at its own discretion. Changes will be announced on our website, where users can also read our full policy.