We are B2Ai. ‘Human-centred architecture’ is our aim.

We are people-oriented, professional, and curious. Thinking up and rethinking large-scale and complex programmes remains our strength. Willingness to listen, empathy, and a sense of synthesis are our recipes for finding innovative solutions, delivered within the deadline and the budget. Our approach lets us offer an architectural answer to contemporary social challenges: ageing, urbanisation, sustainability, new forms of housing, etc.

So, it’s only logical that we keep our portfolio more varied, rather than specialising in a particular niche. The exchange of knowledge within the office is crucial, both in terms of architecture and specialised know-how for various complex programmes such as swimming pools, health & care projects, schools, or leisure and cultural projects.

Our interior, urban planning, stability, and technology departments ensure a fully integrated project. Our 120 employees give the best of themselves every day in the four workshops in Brussels (Dutch & French), Ghent, and Roeselare.

Our management
Our partners

Atelier Brussels 1

Niels Waelbroeck*
Tahereh Keimanesh**
Sébastien Baudrand
Céline Bertrand
Bérénice Blochet
Ana Boaventura
Simone Chilese
Perrine Compain
Donatienne De Wolf
Margaux Flamand
Daciana Hagea
Maïté Idir (stagiair)
Eléonre Lecoq
Julie Merschaert
Madeline Rompen

Atelier Brussels 2

John Flippo*
Tahereh Keimanesh**
Astrid Annaert
Dumitru Arnautu
Luca Baldini
Kas de Valk
Sigrid Decramer
Toon Desimpelaere
Quentin Dupont
Martin Escoyez
Charles-Henri Lecroart
Alexandre Leytens
Serife Mazak
Vincent Mouffe
Thierry Pouilliart
Jan Reynders
Peter Szolvai

Atelier Gent 1

Steven Martin*
Xavier Callens**
Niels Algoedt
Stijn Colpaert
Wim Depuydt
Wouter Feys
Sandra Ghesquiere
Nathalie Landrieu
Leen Luyten
Mladen Nedovic
Sarah Nys
Maximi Papthanasiou
Toon Roegiers
Kaat Standaert
Gorik Tanghe
Luc Vreugdenhil

Atelier Gent 2

Jo Baeke*
Xavier Callens**
Elke Broos
Ruben De Leersnyder
Virginie De Somer
Jo Decaesteker
Silke Denolf
Bart Heijnens
Lorenzo Kemel
Nancy Latruwe
Alison Merlant
Christophe Steen
Tessa Van Gucht
Jelle Van Semmertier
Jan Vandevoorde
Janina Vertriest

Atelier Roeselare

Frederik Popelier*
Dieter Haemers**
Mihai Barbat
Koen Deceuninck
Joran Derveaux
Viviane Despeghel
Alexander Doens
Fanny Dorme
Margot Maeyaert (stagiair)
Aagje Meersseman
Amy Menu
Xavier Nolf
Tomas Nollet
Sofie Standaert (stagiair)
Bruno Van Biervliet
Piet Vandaele
Eline Vandecasteele
Renaat Vandewynckele
Isaak Wullaert

Structural Engineering

François Braem***
Frank Godderis (RSL)
Dirk Laieb (RSL)


M&E Engineering

Frederik Carrein***
Veerle Callewaert (RSL)
Renée Cools (RSL)
Dieter Lein (RSL)
Kurt Lins (RSL)
Peter Van Haecke (RSL)
Eline Vandeputte (GNT)
Vincent Vanneste (GNT)
Niels Vervaele (GNT)

Interior design

Bart Decloedt***
Joost Claeys (GNT)
Grégory D’Hallewin (BXL)
Ciska Delboo (RSL)
Angelique Denolf (RSL)
Liesbet Lefever (GNT)
Hugo Van Leuven (RSL)
Anne-Mie Vermaut (GNT)


Urban Planning & Landscape

Ruben De Leersnyder (GNT)
Toon Roegiers (GNT)
Gorik Tanghe (GNT)
Tessa Van Gucht (GNT)
Tahereh Keimanesh (BXL)


Kevin D’hondt (Sustainability Manager)
Katrien Darras (Communication Manager)
Jens De Smedt (BIM Manager)
Julie Haesevoets (Legal Officer)
Tom Van den Abeele (IT Manager)


Evelien Calis (Communication & presentation)
Daphné De Jonge (Architectural assistant)
Koen Willemyns (Architectural assistant)

* department head
** design head
*** studio head

BXL = Brussels
GNT = Gent
RSL = Roeselare

Finance & Administration

Sophie Lecot
Pascale Schoore
Griet Tuytens
Ilse Vercruysse
Bernadette De Groote
Laurence Deneyer
Lisa Dequeker
Ria Houthoofd


Abdellah Hassane
Nadine Timperman